„We know that the UK and the EU, as well as the UN Secretary-General, are planning an event on 12 December, the fifth anniversary of the conclusion of negotiations on the Paris Agreement, where they will try to achieve more ambition,“ said Andrew Light. The anniversary of the historic agreement, 12 December, is the last opportunity for countries to present updated plans before a UN deadline expires at the end of the year. Ambassador Lois Young of Belize and president of the Alliance of Small Island States told the CHN that the Paris anniversary was a time to „grab the flame of the fight against climate change“ and that „the British cops can absolutely not afford to waste.“ „The United States should stay with the other 189 parties to the agreement and not go out alone.“ „What Obama did at the end of his second term was fundamentally undemocratic to sign a Paris agreement without going to the Senate and Congress and doing it instead through an executive,“ said former U.N. climate chief Yvo De Boer. „The ue-Green agreement and the commitments of China, Japan and South Korea on CO2 emissions neutrality indicate the inevitability of our collective transition from fossil fuels,“ said Laurence Tubiana, one of the architects of the Paris Agreement and now executive director of the European Climate Foundation. Both agreed that major emitters should present stricter climate targets for the Jubilee year to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius – the ultimate goal of Paris, on which the survival of vulnerable nations depends. thu12nov15h4516h455-Year of the Paris Agreement: How to keep climate ambitions alive 15:45 – 16:45 Session Theme: The environment „This is certainly a big blow for the Paris Agreement,“ said Carlos Fuller of Belize, the negotiator of the Alliance of Small Island States in the UN talks. His view on the Paris agreement was that it was unfair to the United States, so countries like India and China were free to use fossil fuels while the United States had to reduce its carbon. Others say the U.S. withdrawal is due in part to the Obama administration`s inability to have the U.S. Senate ratify the Paris agreement.

Today, four years ago, the Paris Agreement was adopted at COP21. The historic agreement, which represented a new and optimistic future to combat climate change, was signed by most countries on 22 April 2016 and came into force on 4 November 2016.