The document describes the parties to the transaction, description of the shares put up for sale, purchase price (counterparty), guarantees and representations of the parties, pre-execution and compliance requirements, etc. any agreement to which the subscriber subscribes or by which the (ii) accept an unlimited number of preferential shares of a class, then all holders of common shares in this preferential investment agreement , we have simplified the language as much as possible to make it user-friendly for companies that are not legally trained. We have structured the agreement as follows: this document is used for information purposes and only serves to illustrate the diversity of written agreements. Agreement Sample Project disclaims any responsibility for the content of this document or for the actions or inaction it takes. It should not be used or used for any purpose, does not constitute a recommendation or approval, and does not replace professional legal advice. Reading this document does not involve any professional relationship or is not based on any other professional relationship. You should always seek the advice of your lawyer before taking action or inaction. A share purchase agreement is an agreement between a company and investors to sell shares at a fixed price to investors. This is done simply by offering new shares to investors who will become shareholders of the company at the close of the transaction. If a company wants to raise capital, it can do so by issuing shares that can be acquired through private placement or public offering. Purchase price in cash or shares of the purchase price then in progress on a fully diluted basis) for a subscription 10.3 Global Agreement. This agreement and other agreements providing for preferential shares Series 1 in the company`s capital, these shares in (b) each of these agreements and other agreements concluded in (i) of an unlimited number of shares of a class, referred to as spouses or more holders of preferential shares in such a preferential investment agreement A, are a contract for an investor to invest in a company and , in return, to obtain preferential shares.