Most of us have to travel at some point on business trips or holidays between states. If you have made a habit of carrying a concealed firearm, you will probably want to take it with you. If this is the case, then their journey as smooth as possible without unforeseen problems, they should do some research on your goal of reciprocal state gun laws. 5. These states grant concealed transportation licences to qualified persons who are non-residents. These non-resident licences cannot be completed under Florida`s reciprocity regime. We will focus on the safe passage commission, as it is the provision most related to reciprocity and extra-state travel. The secure transit regime was introduced to protect people travelling from one state to another with a firearm. Before the FOPA, a person travelling to a state with strict gun laws could be incarcerated for a firearm offence such as unlawful possession of a weapon. Section 790.015, Florida Statutes, allows Florida to recognize secret weapons licenses issued by other states if the other state agrees to recognize hidden weapons licenses in Florida.

You may be asked if your undercover weapon licence is a residence or non-resident permit. Some states issue permits to residents of their state and non-residents. On the other hand, some states only spend on residents of their state. And to go even further, some states only allow permissions granted to residents of states with which they have reciprocity. This means the yellow color of the map. An authorization may even be withdrawn in some states if it is found that there is no longer a „good cause“ for the licensee to possess a handgun. You may also notice that some „May edition“ states require that a person is of good character. This involves presenting evidence in the form of references, CVs, credit history, etc. Some states do not recognize non-resident licences. If you have a non-resident ND license, contact this status directly to determine reciprocity.

If you are travelling while armed in other states, ignoring other states can lead to serious difficulties or even imprisonment. The hidden transportation recipient cards below show you which states you can carry hidden and which government authorizations and licenses are respected in a particular state.