Okay, so I`m 21 and my dad buys me a handgun. Turner said I had to check my address with two sources. 1 my ID is the second they said, use a bill. It`s the Dilema. I live at home and „don`t pay bills,“ I just pay them my money. Guy at Turner says I can make a lease for one of the bills, but every time I look, it`s just for rent. I`m not sure I`m going to find the right thing or not. Whatever the weapons policy, they must be dealt with in practice. Unless you live in one of the four states that have specific laws in this area, there are no simple answers about how you should deal with guns in your rental properties.

Each private owner must decide, based on all factors, where he or she is in this case. For extra security, you should also consult your insurance attorney and broker to make sure you are making a legitimate and informed decision. Whatever you want to do, make sure it is clearly written in your rental agreement, with no room for misinterpretation. That`s the problem. It is a fairly clear statement, and its definition is quite narrow. Perfect for a lease. Don`t hurt people, don`t threaten to hurt them. The laws of the state on the issue of gun ownership in general are different, let alone if the owners can legally have a say in this matter. If you are considering a „No guns at my property“ clause in your rental agreement, it is important to know if your state or local governments have any laws in this area. Currently, there are only four states of specific laws concerning owners and guns in rental property: if you choose to ban guns, there is also the issue of enforcement. If a tenant does not light a gun, there is no legitimate way to know if you have been brought to the property. You cannot enter their home and perform inspections, so you have to take the tenant at their word when they sign the lease.

Even in Tennessee, where owners have a legal right to ban guns, there is no practical way to enforce such a rule. I had the same dilemma. All invoices are in my name. But luckily, my name is on our lease. If you rent, you can use a copy of your rental agreement and you are fine. This guide provides an overview of current laws regarding the possession of weapons in rented property, court proceedings that serve as a precedent for gun issues, and the factors to consider when deciding whether firearms should be allowed on your property. If you are aware of the agreement, the help would be appreciated. If there is another way to do this more easily, let me know.