A paper copy of the dedication plan is required for each encrypted copy of the agreement; That is, one for each of the contracting parties excluding the loan. A complete set of drawings and calculations is required for the technical element of submitting the S38 application, as outlined in the technical approval section. Technical authorization can only be granted when the surveillance fee has been paid and the S38 contract is in effect. The Motorway Authority (Council) does not have the power to insist that a developer enter into an S38 agreement. However, many developers think this is also the best option, because the adoption process can be long, and if it takes place at the end of a route, the developer is responsible for all maintenance work until acceptance takes place. The section 38 agreement is legally binding. It is said that for agreements in the city of Nottingham, contact Nottingham City Council. Once an agreement has been reached in accordance with Section 38, the developer must work under a number of conditions, conditions and deadlines. It is supported by a loan or cash deposit, calculated by the motorway authority on the basis of the proposed work. This loan or cash deposit can be used if the developer goes into liquidation or if he otherwise complies with his obligations.

When a developer builds a new road in Nottinghamshire, they make an agreement with us. This is part of Section 38 of Highway 1980. Before entering into an agreement, the developer must have obtained the building permit, including permission for all reserved questions. The building permit will generally include an indicative ordinance of the roads to be adopted. An example of S38 chord can be downloaded from the list to the right of this site, this example may differ from the version provided in design mode depending on the characteristics of the evolution. Third-party S38 agreements are not considered. Copy contracts can take up to 7 business days to be made available to you from the time payment is received. The CIL or Section 106 will identify the work required as part of a highway plan with respect to the work, the powers of the appropriate officer, all the land to be dedicted and the commitments of the proponent. If the dedication of additional land as a highway is required, an agreement under Section 38 of Highway 1980 may be attached to the ACCORD lail or section 106 or an agreement on the highway is required. In case of problems that are not fully covered by the specifications or the legal agreement, it is determined by the competent agent. In the event of a dispute, the case is decided by an independent expert at the developer`s expense. Visit the site in Section 38 of the agreement to learn more.

Please note that due to major projects related to the legal agreement, it is generally not possible to provide copies of these documents electronically. A Section 38 Agreement (S38) is a legal agreement between one or more landowners and the Council, which allows us, as the local highway authority (LHA), to adopt private highways in accordance with Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980. If a private company has an agreement with the landowner to develop the land, that developer will also participate in the S38 agreement. An TRO is the legal document that establishes a local traffic rule, each TRO requires road users to comply with certain conditions. These include waiting restrictions, parking restrictions, speed limits, weight restrictions and prohibited movements, such as no right/left turns, no access and others. Once the TRO is in place, the police or park rangers will be able to impose these restrictions. A Section 38 agreement is a section of The 1980 Highway that allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the local highway authority to adopt and maintain new highway infrastructure at public expense.