First, you have to decide whether you want to offer a package or if you want to use a staggered price model. The latter option includes the offer of various packages offering additional services at higher rates. Take ours, for example: Our team at WP Buffs provides WordPress maintenance and support for website owners and helps our partners do the same. Whether you need us to manage 1 website or to support 1000 customer sites, we need you. Finally, your intermediate level will probably attract the majority of your customers. It may include services such as content updates, SEO and limited support. Customers who want more than what your lower level has to offer (without wanting to pay for your most expensive option) will probably settle here. This list is not exhaustive. There may be other information that you feel is essential to your contract, such as the confidentiality agreement.B. If you want your contract to be binding, you and your client must sign it.

In this post, we shared five steps for creating your own website support and maintenance contract: A simple Google search will take into account several contract web maintenance PDFs. You can also check out our own website maintenance contract for inspiration: the maintenance and support service clauses are separate, and each set of clauses is supported by an optional service level agreement. By editing the template, you can specify that one service class can be interrupted independently of the other. Otherwise, the only option may be to terminate all services. c. emergency maintenance (e.g. B to apply a fix to fix a security flaw); and this ALS only applies to Krome customers with WordPress-based websites. Response time not based on maintenance If you need extra work outside of hours of a site maintenance plan, you can still send service requests via email to [email protected]. On that date, your request for assistance will be identified as „non-maintenance without assistance“ and your assigned account manager will report the overtime required for the job. Most maintenance-free support tickets are checked within 2-5 business days.

In the event that a customer refuses to pay you, you will need proof of the cost you have agreed. Whether you use it to convince delinquent site owners to pay or present it when legal action, a simple website maintenance contract could be what happens between you and a paycheck. While you can make velvet with both models, differentiated prices can increase your turnover. In addition to your more expensive options, your lower level will give customers the feeling that they are getting a good offer.